Sylvain Garcia
Product designer, photographer and surf enthusiast living in Sydney.
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Vikings Rewards

How did I create a unique ‘Loyalty experience’ for an Australian institution?

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The challenge

With multiple premises across the Australian Capital Territory, the Vikings Group was looking to create a unique 'Loyalty experience' for their members. They wanted to drive retention and increase customer awareness without compromising the existing brand identity and reward program already in place.



I immersed myself for two days at one of the client's facilities with a business designer. We ran design workshops, interviews and observed clientele's behaviours and interactions with the club.

I put the user flows into wireframes and pushed everything into an Invision clickable prototype. We took a rapid prototype approach and did user testing internally very early on to make sure our user stories were friction-less. We then ran the client through the prototype remotely, and I moved on to visual design.

The existing marketing guidelines drove the visual design. As the app would be used front and centre inside the clubs, it needed to fit in with the current and future marketing campaigns run by the brand department. 

Keeping the user in mind, I made sure the design matched the existing branding and our agreed personas. It needed to be simple and respect accessibility standards (WACG). One of the challenges from that phase was to make sure the design was working with external devices. We had a swipe-card and a card scanner to access user accounts, the experience had to match this particular user behaviour. The hardware component of this project was a challenge on its own. We had to work closely with the manufacturer to make sure it integrated with the technology we were building while keeping privacy and reliability front and centre.

I mocked-up animation concepts using Principle to showcase what the animated 'screensaver' would look like to both the client and our development team.

I used Zeplin to manage all the design specifications, design assets and communications with developers & business design around a specific part of the screens. I love Zeplin!

After final user testing (including external hardware testing), the app was ready to enter the ecosystem of the Vikings Group.




The solution marries itself with the existing brand ecosystem enhances Vikings' ability to reward their members for their loyalty to Vikings. The application enables club members to:

  • Learn more about the loyalty program

  • Review points balances

  • View all offers available

  • See offers available to them

  • Redeem offers and print offer vouchers



Thank you for being so amazing to work with. It has been a pleasure completing this project and your dedication to the task has been UNREAL. — Project Owner at Viking’s Group

Technology Design Award 2017 (Silver)


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