Sylvain Garcia
Product designer, photographer and surf enthusiast living in Sydney.


— Over 8 years of creating joy via sustainable & clever design.


Sylvain Garcia

I live by the idea that the simplest solution tends to be the right one. That goes for my projects or client work. My motivation comes from ‘how much time can I save’ through design while creating an experience that is beautiful and sustainable. Research and insights are at the heart of my design methodology, just like trial and error.

I balanced my day job with personal creative work, like side projects and photography. Since I turned 18 and started travelling the world, I’ve always had a camera and a laptop with me, which led to many different friendships and job opportunities. It allowed me to work on an extensive range of projects, from emerging brands to established businesses.

For me, a successful design is one that answers users needs and solves a real problem while making sense financially. Mixing all these ingredients with a handful of sustainability is what drives my creativity and keeps me innovating.

I’m a dreamer who does.